Mr. Abdul Waheed has been elected Chairman Pakistan Vanaspati Manufacturers Association (PVMA) for the year 2020-21. Mr. Raza Ibrahim and Mr. Rafiullah were also unanimously elected Senior Vice Chairman and Vice Chairman respectively. Mr. Tariq Ullah Sufi, Mr. Abid Ali Malik, Sh. Atif Rasheed, Mr. Fayyaz Zafar, Mr. Ahmad Ghulamhussain, Sh. Kashif Razzaq, Mr. Umer Rehan, Sh. Khalid Islam and Haji Muhammad Akhtar were elected as members of the Executive Committee for the year 2020-2022.



Raised in 1961 with 7 members on board, today PVMA proudly represents 125 Manufacturers of Vegetable Ghee, Cooking Oil and allied products. Catering for the national consumption, the industry manufactures 3.6 Million M. Tons of standardized and high quality products, although the installed capacity is over 4.0 Million M. Tons. In order to meet the demand, PVMA imports Palm Oil products to the tune of 2.4 Million M. Tons, besides pro curing Canola, Sunflower, Cotton Seed, Rape Seed and Soya bean Oil from local Solvent Extraction, Expeller and of-course Refining industries. Due to extra-ordinary high rate of applicable duty/taxes regime, this ‘PKR 550 Billion Sector’ pay handsomely to the National Exchequer to the extent of PKR 110 Billion per annum directly or in-directly, therefore, included in top three revenue spinners of Pakistan.